"Golden Man" a poem by Susan Wylie Wilson

June 30, 2014



I chose this beautiful picture because for me it represents both the man I know now and the beautiful man I will know and love even more as time goes by.  This is truly a happy journey and I have waited a very long time for it to begin ... Thank you Frank Malaba.


My dear friend Susan Wylie Wilson (Suzana Wylie) wrote this poem as a gift to me and my beloved.  It is very special to me both because it is a gift and more so because Susan knows me so well and in knowing me she knows the caliber of man I fell in love with ... 


Golden Man


He comes to me in dreams of night

The shimmering golden man

Slowly stepping into sight

And over me he stands

With fierce and tender sword’s delight

He severs all the bands

That hold me helpless, trapped by fright,

Obeying ‘Don’t’s’ commands

The golden warrior sets me free

And then he stands aside

Waiting for my heart to see

New life as yet untried.

I reach for him, afraid to be.

What waits for me, inside?

And smiling then he turns away

“You’ll be just fine,” he smiles 

And as the night turns into day,

Freedom shines, beguiles.

Fading, though I long to see

Him standing by my side.

Who I become, that’s up to me

He’ll neither lead nor guide.


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