Creation seen from a road less traveled...

May 20, 2014

Creation seen from a road less traveled...


Creation has been my constant companion sending greetings and support through gentle breezes, mighty storms, leaves rustling across my path as an invisible presence walking with me, Song birds singing to me when I was hurting and alone, Crows appearing as Spirit guides when I was losing my way, Horses crossing fields to say hello, Butterflies seeming to appear randomly over and over in unexpected places ... was that the same beautiful yellow butterfly that followed me for two miles or was it 15 different identical butterflies appearing one at a time?  


I came to know and trust Creation from an early age when my Grandmother walked with me and talked with me and shared her wisdom with me.  She gave me an awareness of my Native past, of the mysteries, beauty, and comfort found deep in the ridges and hollows of my mountain home.  She continues to be part of the Creation that comforts me and guides me because her presence did not leave with her death.  She is with me when I feel the gentle breeze, when I am shaken by the mighty storm, when the leaves rustle as I walk by, in the voice of the Song bird and the message of the Crow, she is with the Horses as they come to say hello, and she flies with the butterflies as I make my way through this life.  She and I exist yesterday, today and forever as part of Creation.  


You, my beloved, exist with me as part of Creation yesterday, today, and forever. 


Today I came upon a road less traveled ... it called to me not as a stranger but as a friend because the road less traveled is a road I have come to know well. We talked together of my time spent alone on its path.  We remembered good times, exciting times, frightening times, and lonely times.  Then the Road spoke to me of another that it knows as a friend who has also walked its path alone.  The Road told me of you, my beloved.  I smiled and understood that this road less traveled is who we are and that now it invites us to walk its path together.  


Beloved, will you join with me on a new journey down the road less traveled?  Will you hold my hand and let me guide you while I also accept direction from you?  Will you share your path with me as I share mine with you as we create a new road less traveled that we no longer walk alone?  


Today I walked again to this road less traveled... 

A gate of decisions and choices greeted me... 

If this new journey is never chosen I will love you all the same.   If it is chosen years from now or in another life I will love you all the same for

I understand that the road less traveled that has been our path is a well-worn and familiar road to us.  Even though it may be painful at times it is also very rewarding.  This path has been our journey to who we are today ... to knowing ourselves.  We are free spirits and I would never try to take your Freedom away ... this is not who I am.  


My road less traveled will never be far from yours because I see you now.  I will always be nearby to lift you up if you need me, to share my strength if you seek it, to share the light that shines through me with you when darkness attempts to hide your way.  


Today I walked again to this road less traveled... 

I felt creation move around me as I passed through space and time

I felt the Universe in eternal motion

I thought of my place in this life

I thought of you

I realized

Everything is in motion

All is as it should be.



- James Robinson

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